A short history of creative artist Kerry Shearer

I’m a self-taught artist. I have an arts degree (just not in painting) and I’ve always created and encouraged others to do so.

Painting is a reflection of what we learn, who we are and we bare our souls to the world when we post it out there for all to see (think ‘tortured artist’ here). It’s also liberating exhilarating and a privilege to be able to do so! (think happiness in deliberate splashing of paint, mess and mayhem here).

When I was teaching in China I began picking up my brushes in my spare time. People began putting orders in for my paintings and commissions and here I am several years later, a full time artist. I still love learning, which is good because as an artist you can’t escape this!

Now and then teaching and painting have crossed paths, the result of which has been large scale murals for school buildings.

Equally I love tiny detail and create pieces with the smallest of brushes even sometimes cutting these down to make them smaller still! A challenge which can be maddening and satisfying all at once!

I create works that reflect my experience of and response to, the world around me – usually with great a great dollop of enthusiasm. I paint mostly in acrylics onto canvas though venture into other mediums too. I also know every surface has the potential to be a canvas for art – don’t sit still for too long in my presence – it has been known!

Having lived abroad and travelled I can’t help being influenced by these experiences but the UK will always be my biggest influence. Its landscape and seasons, its history, its traditions and culture. I truly believe that consciously or not it seeps into the fabric of my work.

Each of my paintings also now depicts a little ladybird called Virginia Boo which is a reference to my daughter so keep a look out!

Any Questions? Just drop me a line – I’ll be happy to answer!

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