A self-taught artist (formerly a primary school teacher) I’m based in Lincolnshire, though I’ve lived in many places including China. In my home-studio, I create acrylic paintings in response to the world around me.

My landscapes are usually bright, colourful depictions of places I’ve visited or imagined. Styles can vary as I explore what makes my art ‘authentically’ me.

I’ve always painted, drawn and created. While working in an international school in China I picked up my brushes in my spare time, creating canvases for friends and family. Encouraged by early sales, I began to consider art as a fulltime career.

All artists hone their skills over a lifetime and I truly believe that when you invest in their work you’re investing in a lifetime of that experience.  Each piece created is a learning curve, reflecting the artist’s process and will included differences, some subtle some more obvious. In this regard my art is no different.

Art and teaching occasionally cross paths. My work can be seen on school buildings where, working alongside pupils, I’ve created several large-scale murals.

At the other extreme l also create tiny scale paintings such as those that are found on my hand-painted Christmas baubles, each year these unique, future heirlooms have sold out. 

On every new painting if you search carefully, you’ll be able to find a little ladybird called ‘Virgina-Boo’ who has been with me from the very early days.

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