21st April 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many artists have found themselves without work, teaching, technical support and gallery work. Exhibitions and sales have disappeared. In an attempt to help alleviate some of this stress Matthew Burrows has instigated the ARTIST SUPPORT PLEDGE, which I am now taking part in
The concept is a simple one. Artists post images of their work, on Instigram which they are willing to sell for no more than £200 each (not including shipping). Anyone can buy the work. Every time an artist reaches £1000 of sales, they pledge to spend £200 on another artist/s work

To make a pledge, post your work with the #artistsupportpledge and follow the # to see everyone else’s work. Keep updated on new opportunities and announcements @artistsupportpledge Repost and tell your friends, colleagues and collectors. Let generosity be infectious.
#supportartists #covid19 #coronavirus #livegenerously 

9th Feb 2020

Hi All,

The year and new decade are now well and truly underway and I’ve been busy.

Ideas for the 2021 calendar are being posted on the Facebook page (Art of Kerry Shearer) and I’m putting together a few applications for local galleries to display my work.

Believe it or not baubles are already in the pipeline for the next festive season as you can never be too organised so if you have any favourites and would like to see more of the same your feedback is always welcome. Equally any new suggestions???

I’m hoping to make my work more available by offering prints of my work in different sizes that can also cater for a wider range of budgets.

As for the paintings? Well I’ve already had encouraging January sales as more and more people are beginning to collect my original pieces.

I’ve completed more from my Pembrokeshire series which will be up on the website shortly although you can get a sneak preview on the Instagram page #theartofkerryshearer.

Moonlit Pentre Ifan

I’m also working on a winter series which I’m hoping to complete over the next couple of weeks before beginning on a Lincolnshire and UK landmarks series…..

So many ideas and plans and all very very exciting!

December 2019

Ready to come on a new adventure with me?

I’ve spent the last few years working towards my new career as a full time artist and I’m delighted to be sharing this journey with you.

By joining this mailing list you’ll be right up to date with any of my latest products.

If you’ve also ‘liked’ my Facebook page or follow me on Pinterest/Instagrm you’ll be able to ask questions of me along the way about the process involved in creating my works of art. By being part of the Kerry Shearer Art community you’ll also be able to share your ideas with others and your opinions will help inform my work I’m sure.

I have new paintings which will be posted on the new website (https://kerryshearerart.com/) and I’ll be announcing them here on this mailing list in the future, to allow you to get in there early, and see what’s on offer.

Finally and most importantly a huge thank you for your support far – buying, following, sharing etc

In particular thank you to all the friends and family who have been there from the very beginning and who have made it possible for me to be here sharing all of this with you now – your input and encouraging has been and always will be, priceless and you know who you are!

Kerry S x