Sailing On By


Seaside Painting – framed

Acrylic on Canvas

Image size: 35 cm x y45 cm

Framed size: 42 cm x 52 cm

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This gentle image of the coast is a captivating one.

Kerry has created a seascape painting in her own unique style. A style that lends itself beautifully to the subject; one of watching the world go by with sunlight streaming through the clouds.

As the sailing boats bob along the coast in the breeze they pass by a beach of perfect golden sands. Witness a few coastal cottages dotted along the shoreline. With ‘God’s fingers’ making the sunlight glint off the water, all seems peaceful and tranquil. It encapsulates a gorgeous moment in time recorded by the artist.

This is a sister painting to the ‘Pink Sands and Sailboats’ which is available as a giclee print and has proved popular as part of the Kerry Shearer collection of works.

Delicate details

You can see delicate sea-pink flowers and grass seed-heads in the foreground. This has been done with the smallest of brushes and attention to detail. The painting has an atmosphere of one where the viewer has stumbled onto the scene while taking a stroll along the shore.

The colour palette is a simple one. It is the reminiscent colours of the yellows, greens and blues that are typical of that the coast. You’d expect to find these in such a coastal artwork.  The light and shade of the picture Kerry has created serve to highlight the everchanging skies and seas. Movement is a key element to this painting. Kerry has used darks and light to great affect to show this.

Scale plays an important role, as the small cottages and tiny sailing vessels are set against a vast sky and expansive billowing clouds. Clouds which sit along the well-defined, dark, disappearing horizon of the ocean, making us wonder as the viewer as to what lies beyond.

This seascape painting is an image to get absorbed and lost in. One in which you’d be glad to be part of. It could be yours to view forever and will sit happily in any room.

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