Out for the Catch


Acrylic on Canvas : Framed
Canvas200 x 200mm
Frame 270 x 270mm

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‘Out for the Catch’ is a contemporary seaside Naïve art painting by British artist Kerry Shearer.

Depicting a typical UK fishing harbour and village scene this beautiful original artwork could be yours. Thought to be centuries old but not quite as old as the tradition of fishing it occurred to Kerry a cricket match could in fact last just as long as the trips out to sea these little fishing vessels take.

Whilst painting in the height of the season listening to the radio it obviously seeped into her consciousness. Hence the title.  This delightful coastal scene is a many layered painting. Acrylics have been applied in a variety of ways. Employing deft fingers as well as brushstrokes to the canvas gives it vitality and movement. You get a real sense of the bow waves splashing around the boats. Boats scurrying near to the harbour to bring home a catch. 

Paint has been applied thickly to the sky giving it atmosphere and energy. There’s underpainting in pale blues and greys then white tones dabbed on overlaying it. In this sense it’s difficult to know for certain whether this sky is clouding over or about to be covered in a sea-mist. This is deliberate. The artist wants the viewer to bring their own thoughts to the canvas.

Houses are Homes

The houses and harbour have their own layers which in some instances have been scraped into. Applying them with care to pick out their character, giving them personalities of their own. The harbour wall has enjoyed the same treatment but in colours that draw the two halves of the painting the village and the sea together.

The colour palette is bright and with all its marine blues has a nautical feel. This is tempered with creamy browns and grey-ish whites to soften the overall feel to this playful image. In this seaside Naïve art painting there’s narrative between the small ships and the homes on the quayside. Whether a fan of cricket, the British seaside or both this painting will brighten up any room and is certain to bring a smile.

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