Blossom Walk


Framed acrylic on paper

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 Blossom Walk is a naïve art springtime landscape. Set in the UK it is inspired by parklands from the great estates of historic houses and homes.The foreground is filled with the iconic flowers of the season – daffodils and blossom on the trees while the grey skies hint at the fickle and ever-changing weather.

Miniscule details have been painted into this scene. The winding path takes you on a journey into the distance where the Stately home sits proudly on the horizon.

Kerry has made clever her use of textured paint to add extra layers and depth to this image. The deeper textures of the daffodils mean that they stand to the fore of the picture in a more pronounced way. The Buildings have been given a similar treatment to make them feel more realistic and to help create shadows on the surface.

Acrylic on Paper – Framed

The colour palette is one which shouts ‘spring’ with its dominant greens – the accepted colour of the season. There are many shades of this pigment that with her mark making Kerry has utilised to full effect with such a tiny scale. Bright whites and zingy yellows compliment these. A limited use of darkest brown for the trunks and branches of the trees helps to sharply contrast delicate touches of pink are carefully dashed across the paper.

Sitting in a ready to hang perfectly sized frame this painting is ‘gift-ready’. As a gift it is truly unique and is declared as such by the certificate that is also included on the back of the painting. Giving it its authenticity as piece of original naïve art.  What’s more with is marvellous mini dimensions it means there will definitely be space for this beautiful painting on any wall.

Whatever the occasion this naïve art springtime landscape is certain to make it special.



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