Blue Jug & Pink Roses


Framed acrylic on paper

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This gorgeous artwork is completed in Kerry’s unique Naïve art style. If you’re looking for that special gift to give someone which you know no-one else will find, then look no further! It will make wonderful gift in its own right and its small stature is part of its delectable charm!

Beautiful and bespoke the painting is of a timeless subject. The Miniature Still Life artwork presents a jug filled to the brim with summer flowers.

Full of colour as well as life there is much packed into its diminutive dimensions. A simple blue jug brimming with cultivated and wild flowers that hint at the sunny filled days of the summer garden. A bonus as these flowers won’t fade and die but looked after will bloom for years to come.

Tiny flowers that pack a huge punch both in terms of their colour and how they add to the overall composition. As always Kerry has considered her use of texture in creating the piece. On such a small scale the layers have to be fine and carefully applied but done with skill this has added depth to the overall acrylic painting.

Acrylic on Paper – Framed

This artwork completed on good quality art grade paper is preserved and protected in a simple frame that will not look out of place in any room.  In addition with its dainty dimensions there is a guaranteed space for it in any sized room.

The colour palette is used to great effect as its use of delicate pastels sit alongside deeper, richer hues to highlight the varied shapes and sizes of each of the flowers in the vase! All against an unobtrusive background that allows the flowers to zing and pop to the fore.

As with all Kerry’s original paintings this also comes with a certificate of authentication and is catalogued just as any other from this and other collections would be.

You can almost smell the perfume!

A perfect Miniature Still Life artwork, which will delight viewers for years to come.



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