Little Blue Daisy Jug


Acrylic on board

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This Naïve Miniature Still Life painting is certain to make the perfect gift for a special occasion. If your looking for something unique and bespoke what better gift that that of an ever-lasting bouquet of flowers? This marvellous mini can be used as a gift in its own right or added to a gift, such as a bottle as a very up-market gift tag. Once the contents of the bottle are consumed the painting will still be there for years to come!

Like an individual flower this painting won’t be seen anywhere else. It well thought out colour palette brilliantly reflects the delicacy of the petals themselves. Deeper hues accent the wider pastel range of colours in the painting lending a sophisticated depth to something of this size and scale. White daisy petals are the only place where this pigment is used. They pop against the deeper greens and pinky-purples of the surrounding blooms. The more subtle blues and paler greens and purples blend into the background.

The blue jug in which the flowers are nestled is of a simple design – making what is a large portion of such a diminutive artwork to be not too dominant a feature. Here it is the flowers to which our attention as the viewer is directed.

Acylic on Board

Painted with acrylics on board Kerry has carefully selected to build up fine layers and with the tiniest of brushes has paid careful attention to detail whilst still maintaining her overall naïve style of work.

As with all of her original artworks, Kerry has catalogued this into her collection and the painting will be provided with a certificate, albeit one proportional to the art i.e. mini !

A perfect painting with its beautifully sized dimensions and completed with a ribbon ready to hang this miniature still life painting will bring a smile to anyone who has it hanging on their wall.

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Dimensions 75 × 75 × 5 mm


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