Magical March Moon


Framed acrylic on paper

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This gorgeous miniature artwork painted in Kerry’s unique Naïve style captures a typical Spring evening. Set at night this mini March Hare painting under the moon, has a magical quality about it.

With its diminutive stature comes a recognisable and iconic vision of Springtime in the UK, The March Hare. As this delightful creature often considered the epitome of the season sits under the moon, she is surrounded by flowers. Flowers such as daisies, dandelions and daffodils which grow in abundance. Here they are captured as they spread across the meadows and into the distance beyond.

By picking out the details in the most minute fashion of the fur on the hare’s back and the centre of the flowers as they glint under the moonlight, Kerry has added depth to the painting. With each tiny brush stroke Kerry has paid full attention to creating an image that is relatable and full of whimsical pleasure.

Framed Acrylic on Paper

All ready framed and gift-ready to hang in a perfectly sized frame there will certainly be space on any sized wall for this unique acrylic landscape. Complete with its own custom sized certificate it has been catalogued and referenced as part of the miniature collection for KSA.

The colour palette has been carefully selected to add impact to this marvellous mini artwork. Contrasts of deep blues sit alongside zingy greens and creamy butter yellows. The stars are scattered across the inky moonlit sky. Their whiteness pinpointing their attendance in paying homage to the full moon of the month. Spring equinox signalling the end of winter. This image is full of hope and sheer joy that the dark days are the colder months are behind us once more.

With the promise of warmer days to come this Mini March Hare painting encapsulates the very essence of the magic of British Springtime.

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