Orange Sun & Sailboats


Framed acrylic on paper

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Orange Sun and Sailboats. A perfectly miniature seaside coastal artwork.  Composed in the British Naïve Art style it has guaranteed impact. Made all the more poignant through its diminutive dimensions.

Painting on this scale and in the Naïve style means each brushstroke has to be carefully considered and Kerry has put time and thought into this. Using a limited colour palette of mainly pale oranges and blues has meant that the completed image is one that projects a sense of calm and serenity.

As you look at the picture you can feel the summer breeze as it fills the sails of the boats in the bay. Here the sun could be rising or sinking. Kerry has deliberately left it to the viewer to decide if this painting is set at dawn or dusk. Either way it is definitely one which captures a magical sunny day.

Acrylic on Paper

As with all her paintings (and this is no exception) Kerry has used the tiniest of brushes to add details. Well placed brushstrokes therefore mark out details. Details such as those on the cottages and the beach. Similarly she has scratched into some layers to reveal lighter shades of pigment beneath darker ones. A technique often used by Kerry to highlight key features or to enhance the painting by bringing variety to the marks on the surface of the art.

The deeper colours in the palette used as there to highlight the key features of what makes this a recognisable and typical coastal scene of a summer day in the UK.

As with all her paintings this too, has been catalogued and comes complete with its own albeit mini, certificate. Framed and ready to hand in a metal and glass frame this painting will delight for years to come

Being beside the seaside is something we all like to do and with this miniature coastal artwork its something you can experience each and every day.


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