Port in A Storm


Framed acrylic on paper




Port In A Storm is a miniature coastal painting created by Kerry in her unique style. A style that she describes as British Naïve. It has a whimsical but accessible quality that makes it likely to bring a smile to whomever is viewing it.

As with many of her works there is also a narrative element to the picture. You can create a story in your own mind of who may be facing the stormy waters on the boats and who may be wating for their return in the cottages along the harbour.

With a limited colour palette of black alongside reds, white and blues Kerry has added real impact to the work. A more varied palette might distract from the drama of the image. On such a small scale every mark and line has to be carefully considered.

There are a wide variety of marks however. Splashes, fine lines and relatively larger brush strokes lend a sophistication to a seemingly otherwise simplistic style of work. The water both rain and sea have energy and movement set against the reaching arm of the harbour walls.

The cottages seem to lean against one another and seem to offer comfort and shelter in doing so. There solidity and cementing them firmly in place along the quayside offer sharp contrast to the boats being tossed about on the waves, suggested by the fact that their hulls are obscured by the spray.

Presented in a glass frame, this painting on high quality paper in acrylics is ready to hang. As with all her works Kerry has added this to her catalogue as part of her collections and it is also provided with a certificate of authenticity.

This miniature coastal painting would make a wonderful addition to any art collection and with its tiny dimensions is guaranteed to find a space on any wall.

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Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 80 × 80 × 5 mm


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