Purple Port


Acrylic on board

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This small and perfectly formed miniature painting could be the answer to the bespoke and unique gift you’re looking for! Painted on board in acrylics and ready to hang it can also be used as a gift or bottle-tag to add that extra something to an already special present.

The harbour scene depicted in the painting has all the fine details you can find in one of Kerry’s larger paintings. She has employed the same carefully considered colour palette you can find in any one of her artworks. Creating a scene that is both familiar and accessible.

The variety of purples, blues and sandy Naples yellows lend themselves to giving this picture the feel of this quaint British fishing harbour, ready to settle in after a busy day. The colours are warm  as the sun is beginning to set of this little village.

Kerry maintains her all the qualities of her Naïve art style communicating her vision through her choice of texture, quirky perspective and line.

Think of happy days beside the seaside and this painting has the ability to transport you there straight away. Every minute detail creating a beautiful familiar harbour scene reminiscent of those days spent by the coast.

As with all her paintings Kerry has used fine layers and textures to great effect. There are multiple layers of paint lain across the sky and the sea which are carefully blended to give the painting depth and the same quality as any other of her works.

For added interest to the viewer, Kerry has also used thicker layers in which she has scratched back to reveal the contrast of colour lying beneath

With its dimensions there’ll always be space for this original and unique piece of artwork. This gorgeous coastal image packs a real punch. Simply a perfectly formed miniature painting !

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Dimensions 75 × 75 × 5 mm


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