Seasonal Celebrations


Acrylic on Canvas

460 cm x  560 cm – Image Size

525cm x 625cm – Framed Size

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Festive Fun

Seasonal celebrations is an artwork that brings the joy of a winter landscape to life. This naïve winter landscape artwork depicts the key features you would expect to find mid-winter landscape while also depicting a wonderfully whimsical scene of village life.

A snowy filled landscape under a sky full of stars is certain to appeal to our ‘Inner Child’ and the quirky perspective and naïve style that Kerry employs also creates an overall affect that draws us into the painting.

It is easy to imagine the celebrations that are going on behind the doors of the houses and buildings captured in this village – which is a representation of the artists home. Giving each building its own unique sense of style means that Kerry has managed to create relatable characters without the need to add figures.

Carefully considered colour palette and fine layers

With a carefully laid down palette on the canvas you are invited to stand back and admire the overall celebratory nature of the piece. Created by the artist who has carefully contemplated the techniques she has employed. It has been created to draw the eye in and invites the viewer to have their own unique but friendly conversation with the work.

The dark inky blue-black indigo of the sky contrasts sharply with the crisp whiteness of the snow on first inspection but look closely and you’ll see the subtle hues and shades within these areas as well as the more obvious colours used to depict the church and surrounding properties.

Despite larger blocks of bold colour in some areas, with careful observation lights twinkle and stars shine. These are created with a delicate brushwork that on closer inspection is to be appreciated.

There is a joy in this naïve winter landscape artwork that will keep you smiling all year round.

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