Kerry Shearer Art

British Contemporary Naïve Artist

About Kerry Shearer – The Artist

I paint stunning places inspired by the UK. Images that capture the countryside, seaside towns and coastlines of a truly beautiful Britain, encapsulate what my work is all about.

Created in the tradition of the British naïve style, my work can appear superficially simplistic – it’s not. All my pieces are a complex process of layering, filtering. Heavily relying on what to leave OUT as much as what to include!

My rebellious streak arises whenever I’m contemplating a new painting. All those years of being told to consider the disappearing lines of the horizon and to “keep things in proportion”, fly out of the nearest window in order for me to have a real conversation with each piece of work.

Its how I’ve  found my own unique style, my artistic voice.

Though the painting process is a sophisticated one, my images are idealised places rather than realistic accurate representations, intended to bring a smile and connect with our ‘Inner Child’.

They have to be relatable to the place I am painting in order for the viewer to see a recognisable depiction of that place, so that they can have their own dialogue with itOverall there is a simple truth in my artwork which I describe as whimsical and quirky and which makes my art accessible to all.

I like to kitchen and garden and travel (but don’t do the tent).

My travels have taken me as far as living in China for a number of years and this was when I began forging the artist path I’m on today.

Painter of quirky landscapes, whose skewed perspective can be literal on a canvas but makes me philosophical about life, I can’t help but see the potential of the next painting, or indeed series of them when I’m absorbed in a ‘new’ landscape.

I’m based in Lincolnshire (UK) but yearn for the coast, which I visit whenever the opportunity arises as this feeds into much of my work.