Kerry Shearer Art

British Contemporary Naïve Artist

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of art do you create?

I mostly paint pictures onto canvas. I’ve also painted on paper, board and created murals on walls. I paint terracotta plant pots. In fact I’m happy to paint most things. Though painting is my main focus I’m a keen crafter and include some of that work on this site with links to more, on Facebook and Instagram.

What mediums do you use?

I mostly paint in acrylics. I occasionally use water colours and pen inks. If my artwork is intended for outside I use mainly masonry paint (which has a 15yr guarantee) and I have care instructions to keep pots in tip top condition!

What are the main themes of your Art?

My art is mostly inspired by nature and the landscapes around me. I do occasionally include figures both people and animals. Some of my paintings are a representation of real places while others are imagined.

What size canvas do you paint on?

Depending on the detail I wish to include and the content, the sizes vary. The largest pieces I’ve created on canvas have been 800 x 1000mm while the smallest 200 x 150mm

What is your painting style?

My style of painting continues to develop and I suspect, like all artists it will continue to do so (you can see evidence of this in the Archive). Without formal training, most paintings and the artists who create them are referred to as ‘naïve’. I would say this aptly describes the style of the majority of the paintings I do. I like the work to be a cheery reflection of the world. Brightly coloured with enough truthful representation in them as to be immediately recognisable for the subjects they are portraying.

Do you do commissions?

Yes! Please be aware that this is a collaborative process which therefore takes time. Also see terms and conditions for more details.

Is your artwork available on license?

For any details of licensing please contact me in writing, via email.

Extra Information:

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