Set 07 – Blues Foils Baubles


Set of 3 Hand Painted Ceramic Baubles – each 6cm in diameter




These handpainted and embellished Christmas Baubles won’t be found anywhere on the High Street. They are as unique as the artist herself. Kerry has handcrafted these bespoke festive treasures taking once plain unglazed ceramic baubles and forging them into something truly special.

With their perfectly formed Christmas snow scenes they capture the essence of a truly winter wonderland. Each one has been carefully curated into a bespoke piece that even within the set has its own unique characteristics and details. So much so it has been known for families to share the sets so that they can think of loved ones who share their own little bespoke decorations miles away, knowing others are doing the same.

These baubles are all set to become future family heirlooms. With a coating to protect the art on their surface there is no reason why with care, they shouldn’t last for many years to come. Each year being brought out and reminding the owner of what is special about the festive season.

Each bauble has been finished off with a decorative ribbon which co-ordinates beautifully with the scene painted onto its surface. In this case a sumptuous deep nave blue is the chosen colour, replacing the plainer twine that it was originally given.

This particular set has been embellished with metallic foils in the timeless colours of gold and silver, which further enhance their decorative nature and mean they will find a happy place on any colour-themed tree, or traditionally schemed room. At this time of year with the darker longer nights any surface which reflects back the sparkle of seasonal lights is a bonus and these baubles happily fall into this category.

Reflecting the sparkle and shine that the festive season is all about, these handpainted and embellished Christmas baubles glittering under fairy lights or sparkling above a mantlepiece they will certainly be something to treasure for many Christmases to come.

Additional information

Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 90 × 240 × 100 mm


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