Set 09 – Gold Cream Village Baubles


Set of 3 Hand Painted Ceramic Baubles – each 6cm in diameter




These classic Christmas coloured baubles will fit perfectly with any room scheme. Their timeless colour way means they will look great in a traditional set up OR in a modern themed space.

Each bauble in the set depicts a typical snowy village scene. All the details you find in Kerry’s usual canvases can also be found here. No attention to detail is spared in the application of fine layers of paint. All of which are skillfully applied with the tiniest of brushes.

Each bauble is given the same meticulous treatment to create something unique and bespoke for all to admire. How nice is it to have something so unique that you know no-one else will have?

As these baubles have also had fine layers of golden paint applied they will also catch the reflections of glowing fires and candlelight if hanging from a mantlepiece or wreath. Equally they’ll capture the twinkling of strings of fairy lights if they’re sat on the tree. All contributing to creating a cosiness and a welcoming Christmas atmosphere.

As a KSA is partial to creating happy memories and traditions these little treasures are set to become future family heirlooms. Indeed there’s also no reason why they shouldn’t stay in tip top condition if they are looked after as they’re finished in a final coating to protect the paint work. They also have had their twine replaced with a more luxurious ribbon to add that extra-special touch.

Co-ordinated taupes and creams are highlighted with blacks and whites and of course embellished with gold metallic paint. As now brown is on the rise as the ‘new greige’ they’ll also be on trend for quite some time to come of course as far as Christmas decorations go these classic Christmas coloured baubles will look perfect in any space.

Additional information

Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 90 × 240 × 100 mm


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