Orange Palm & Sailboats


Acrylic on board





A beautiful bespoke piece of seaside miniature landscape art, Orange Palm and Sailboats’ conjures up the sentiment felt on a perfect summer’s day. The bespoke artwork has been painted in Kerry’s unique style and in the tradition of the British Naïve art movement. Imagine strolling along the UK coastal path on a balmy Summer’s day.

Miniscule details have been carefully applied to the surface with brushes and by scratching into the top fine layers of paint. This in turn reveals the co-ordinating colour palette which lies underneath. Texture of this nature is considered as it adds depth to the finished image.

It is an image which draws you in. It invites you to imagine strolling along the harbour in front of those seaside cottages indicative of the UK coastline.

With a palette dominated by the contrasts of oranges and blues you can almost feel the heat of this balmy day by the coast. Therefore,  deeper shades pop against the paler hues this gives this artwork impact far beyond its tiny dimensions.

Painting on board

Ready to hang this can add a wonderful bespoke element to any present you wish to give,  for a special occasion. It can be given in its own right as an original piece of art for that someone special to add to or begin their art collection. Alternatively you can be add it to a gift as a top-of-the-range gift tag. As a bottle tag it can be treasured long after the contents of the bottle have been enjoyed.

As part of her collection of works this painting has been added to her catalogue and comes complete with its own certificate on a scale matching that of the painting itself. A mini one of course!

This little piece of paradise is waiting for its perfect setting in a lovely new home. A beautiful piece of seaside miniature landscape art, this will bring smiles viewed on even the smallest of walls!



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Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 75 × 75 × 5 mm


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