Set 12 – Red, White & Blue Baubles


Set of 3 Hand Painted Ceramic Baubles – each 6cm in diameter

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This set of 3 handcrafted baubles depict a recognisable and familiar Christmas scene. They have been carefully painted and finished, enhanced with iridescent glitter embellishments. They little village scenes which adorn them are a celebration of all things Christmassey.

Not only are they in a patriotic colour-way (here in the UK at least) but these primary colours work well together for great impact. The add to an already lovely landscape scene, snowy landscapes are filled with fir trees and little houses.

Each little village scene has been designed and executed with the utmost of care and diligence. Here at KSA we LOVE Christmas and want anyone investing in us to have a great experience too. Every set of baubles has been given as much love and care in its finish as if it were a canvas. They are treated as an artwork in their own right. Which indeed they are.

Every house, tree and snowflake has been created with paint applied with the tiniest of brushes a key element of the way in which Kerry paints many of her landscapes. For her it is the detail which brings the image to life and invites people to look a little closer. To pay attention.  Of course at Christmas time its easy to get distracted by all the sparkles and twinkles and with that in mind Kerry has made sure to include some of her own.

With the iridescent glitter these baubles will also have the added bonus of reflecting back all those sparkling tree lights and candle flames. Catching your eye in the best of ways.

Details are key to the overall finish which is why each bauble in the set has been finished with a beautiful red ribbon, a very traditional festive choice but one that also co-ordinates with the colour-scheme perfectly.

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Dimensions 90 × 240 × 100 mm


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