Set 16 – Mid Winter Taupe Baubles


Set of 3 Hand Painted Ceramic Baubles – each 6cm in diameter

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A stunning set of three hand crafted Christmas baubles with hand applied foils makes these festive decorations unique. They won’t be found anywhere in a high street store. That’s because they’ve been painstakingly created by Kerry in her studio with the utmost care.

Her minimal design with these little beauties has big impact because rather than in spite, of it. The ultimate palette contrast of crisp white and velvety black is only highlighted with the addition of a subtle taupe. This adds depth to the mid-winter scene carefully painted on to each one.

By placing foils intermittently around the 360 degree design mean that no matter what their position be it on a Christmas Tree, or festive garland they will be admired. The eye-catching silver foils add a luxurious feel to these bespoke decorations. Which can be adored from every angle.

The added bonus of using the silver foils is that not only does it gives a sense of luxury to these festive treasures but by using them Kerry has created something which is intended to catch the eye. Once place next or nearby candlelight or on a Christmas tree with its twinkling fairy lights, the shiny surface will reflect the sparkles of seasonal lights multiplying their effect. Equally hanging above a fire place in a garland or from the mantlepiece gives these baubles the opportunity to do the same. Flickering flames from the fire with make this set of baubles shine all the more adding to the rooms ambience.

Of course as with most of the sets from KSA where the pattern or landscape is similar they can also be split up and be given as gifts or kept together as a present, they are after all artworks in their own right.

These set of three hand crafted Christmas baubles with their sophisticated palette of monochrome and taupe will make a timeless addition to your festive decorations for many years to come.

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Dimensions 90 × 240 × 100 mm


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