Single Ceramic Bauble – Robin 01


Individual Hand Painted Ceramic Bauble –6cm in diameter




This gorgeous hand crafted Christmas robin bauble will sit happily in amongst your decorations. Whether that’s on the tree, in amongst a garland hanging from the mantlepiece or even taking pride of place on a wreath.

This fabulous bauble has been given layers of fine iridescent paint as a base. This means that there is a depth to its pearlised surface. Subtle tones of pink and green shine through the creamy white. This means that the bauble will capture the glow of candles and firelight or those little sparkles of other festive decorations.

In addition to this there are red berries of the holly created from acrylic gem stones of deep rich red.  Alongside the holly are those other festive favourites the mistletoe berries and leaves, making this bauble one that would look lovely as part of a woodland scheme.

Of course, the steadfast robin stays with us here in the UK throughout the winter and its constancy has become a symbol of hope in the darkest of days. As such this little robin will be a reminder of the same each and every time it is placed among the decorations in your home year in year out. It will you greet you each Christmas for years to come.

As this little robin is being offered as a single which means it could also be given as a special Christmas gift. As with all her baubles Kerry has created this little robin to be special and unique. The fact it is bespoke makes it special as it won’t be found anywhere else, in any other store.

Designed to be special, the little red gemstones will sparkle and twinkle and reflect back the sparkle in your other Christmas decorations. The red is a deep scarlet to echo the red breast of the robin giving them a sumptuous feel. This hand crafted Christmas robin bauble will make everyone who looks at it smile.

N.B. Though shown as a group in some of these images this is a SINGLE bauble for sale.

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 130 × 130 × 130 mm


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