Single Ceramic Bauble – Robin 03


Individual Hand Painted Ceramic Bauble –6cm in diameter




If you want something unique either as a gift or to add to your decorations this little robin bauble is truly special. It has been carefully created with layers and gemstones and lots of care.

Every time Kerry creates these special decorations she takes her time to make sure the surface is as perfect as it can be. Many iridescent layers have been added to the white surface. The result is a fantastic one as it mimics that of a pearl. There are subtle sheens of reds and greens against the creamy backdrop of white. This means that once placed in amongst the other decorations in your home it will catch all those cosy Christmas lights and bounce the light around making them truly eye-catching.

Another addition to this petite perfection is the ruby-red gemstones that have been placed as holly berries. These will twinkle and sparkle hanging from a mantlepiece above a roaring Yule time fire or in amongst the branches of your Christmas tree.

Because this bauble isn’t oversized it can also be given pride of place amongst a Christmas wreath or garland where with its winter greenery motifs it will sit happily with other woodland decorations.

As this is a unique one-off and can’t be bought en masse in high street stores it means it is even more special when given to a loved one. As a gift it will make the perfect present. The robin with its red breast echoes the berries on the branches in the gardens, a colour of the season. As a winter visitor to our outdoor spaces it is also a symbol of constancy. What better message to send to someone to show them how loved they are? Every time this robin is brought out each year they will be remined of how much they mean to you.

Such a beautiful gift can’t be found on the high street and this little robin bauble is truly special and can be enjoyed each and every Christmas.

N.B. Though shown as a group in some of these images this is a SINGLE bauble for sale.

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 130 × 130 × 130 mm


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