Set 24 – 12 Days of Christmas Baubles


Set of 12 Hand Painted Ceramic Baubles – each 6cm in diameter

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From its first day with a Partridge in a Pear Tree through to twelve lords-a-leaping these beautiful baubles typify what Christmas is all about. Tradition and celebration come together in the images of the song referenced here.

Each and every bauble has its own motif designed to echo Kerry’s style. Her application of detail is as present in these festive decorations as with any of her larger work on canvas.

These are truly bespoke and unique to KSA and cannot be found anywhere else. Their exclusivity is part of their charm. With a larger set to paint and given the hours dedicated to their creation very few of these are actually produced. Each is given the festive treatment of with extra fine layers of metallics and glitter carefully placed on to the paint.

These reflective surfaces are a true bonus when hung up on a tree or above a mantle piece. They have the ability to enhance the twinkling lights or glow from a cosy fire. This particular set will be a bonus both to a more traditional theme with its colour palette and subject matter or equally with its naïve style artwork happily sit in a modern setting.

Golds alongside highlights of reds and greens will always be the colours associated with the traditions of Christmas. From the origins of Yule where berry covered greeny was introduced to the home, to the gifts of the magi in the navitity – gold being amongst them these baubles will truly reflect the meanings of the season.

Each hand painted bauble not only marks the day of Christmas with its picture but also with a corresponding number on the back. Each of these also painted to match the traditional Christmas colours. Their hanging ribbons are co-ordinated ones of cream sateen and give a sense of luxury to this beautiful bespoke set of decorations.

From the Partridge in the Pear tree to the Twelve lords-a-leaping this gorgeous handcrafted set of baubles set in pride of place will easily be admired by all.

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Dimensions 180 × 240 × 200 mm


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