Flower Fields


Framed acrylic on paper

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A tiny landscape art in miniature ‘Flower fields’ depicts beautiful flower filled meadows at their peak in the summer. As you look you can almost smell the scent of the lavender in the far fields and marvel at the display of blue flax and cornflowers surrounding you.

Though there is a vibrant colour palette of zingy yellows blues and green the monochrome cottages provide punctuation marks that add punch and a sense of distance to this small in stature painting. All of this enables the painting to expand in the viewers mind well beyond its actual physical borders.

Tiny speckles and pops of pink also keep the eye moving around the painting which means that each time you look you see even more detail than you did upon previous inspection. It helps to create a subtle and sophisticated depth to the artwork.

Acrylic on Paper – Framed

With its many fine layers completed with the smallest of brushes, this painting has refined techniques which on the surface would be easy to take for granted and yet are all the more important with a work on such a diminutive scale. Every mark and pigment has been carefully placed to create a picturesque representation of the UK countryside.

Presented in a glass frame and ready to hang the painting has also been catalogued as part of the KSA collection. Painted on quality grade paper it is protected underneath the frame and ready to hang. It is also provided with its very own certificate of authenticity but on a scale to match that of the picture – ie mini!

This wonderful piece of landscape art in miniature is the answer of what to buy for that special someone. It has tiny dimensions which can be celebrated that with its size come a huge impact and an image that is certain to bring a smile for years to come.


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