Foggy Dawn


Acrylic on board

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Foggy Dawn is a beautiful painting that with its diminutive scale is still able to bring huge smiles. This miniature coastal artwork has the ability to answer that question of what to buy someone for that special occasion.

As a gift or bottle tag it can be given knowing that it can be treasured for years to come. It can be added on its hanger as something unique with the ability to outlast the contents of the bottle itself!

The painting is the little sister to its larger counterpart ‘Misty Morning Fog’ and like it she is able to capture the stillness of a new day. You can imagine that the fishermen have either just returned with their catch as the rest of the village lies sleeping or else preparing to set out for the next haul.

The colour palette is a carefully considered one consisting mostly of pastels. Blues and pinks made even paler with washes or glazes of white as the morning fog swirls around the harbour before being burned back later in the day by the rising sun.

Acrylic on Board :

With the tiniest of brushes and by scratching into fine top layers of pigment revealing the colour underneath, Kerry has employed the same skills she gives to her larger works. Because of the minute scale of the picture there is even more demand for precision and care in applying such techniques.

Balancing extra fine work with her usual naïve style means this artwork still contains all the usual components that make this painting part of her recognisable body of work. As such it is catalogued and comes complete with its own certificate of authenticity.

Miniature coastal artwork of quality such as this is something that can be treasured for years to come. With its dimensions its certain to find a home on any sized wall. It will almost certainly invoke memories of happy days spent alongside the UK coast.

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