Pink Moon Meadow


Acrylic on board

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Pink Moon Meadow is a wonderful acrylic miniature landscape painting. Its petite stature only adds to its charm. As part of her miniature series of artworks, Kerry paid particular attention to how her beautiful landscapes can be portrayed to great effect on such a tiny scale.

Whether it is to add to an already existing collection or you are tight on space but want something bespoke and beautiful to add to your surroundings, this mini painting is certain to fulfil the brief! It can also be given as a precious unique gift for that special occasion.

Painted in acrylics on board and with a ready to hang ribbon it can easily double-up as both a beautiful gift bottle-tag to make it that something extra special.

Painted in a palette predominantly made of deep navy and pink a little white cottage stands surrounded by flowers. There are flecks of gold and shimmering top layers of iridescent paint to highlight the delicate features within the painting.

As with her larger naïve landscapes Kerry has employed the use of tiny brushes and details to great effect. Her carefully considered composition works well in creating a beautiful landscape image.

It is easy to imagine being part of this landscape. Taking a midnight stroll along a country lane lit by the light of the moon. Watching the light play upon the surface of the meadow flowers as they shift in the lightest of breezes. The delicate clouds are gently floating above a country cottage. With its rows of perfect pink blooms along the pathway and right up to the front door its as if you’re being invited in.

Each of the miniatures by Kerry are catalogued and come with their very own mini certificate to denote them as genuine originals.

Though this acrylic miniature landscape paintings has diminutive dimensions its impact will be huge!


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