Summer Meadows


Acrylic on board

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Summer Meadows is a beautiful miniature landscape artwork. It is depiction of the perfect Summer’s day in the British countryside. These glorious flower filled meadows are certainly ones to be treasured.

The tiniest of details have been preserved in acrylic pigments in this scene. With the smallest of brushes each well-placed brushstroke has carefully captured all the key elements in the image. Every tiny flower, every fine layer of paint serves to add to more to this mini landscape.

The colour palette is a bright one though despite this the cottages in their monochrome white and black act as punctuation marks to give the overall picture clarity.  Its easy to imagine going for a countryside walk and being surrounding by fields of lavender or flax as you walk along footpaths skirted with blue cornflowers and ox-eye daisies. You can almost smell the perfume and feel the brush of those soft petals against fingers and legs.

As the scene stretches on into the far distance it gives the sense of a long summer days which never end and once you own this picture and can view it every day its certainly a way to make this true!

Painted onto a small board and completed with a hanger this painting is a gift in its own right but can be used a very high-end gift tag to add a bit of pizazz to any present. It is catalogued and comes complete with its very own certificate to show its authenticity as piece of original artwork in Kerry’s miniature and wider collections.

Its difficult to hold on to fleeting moments in time. A perfect British Summer Meadow only lasts for a brief moment but with this miniature landscape artwork its frozen in time and there to be viewed over and over for years to come.

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