Acrylic on Canvas – Framed

350 x 460mm (Frame 380 x 490 mm)




To Rival the Cotswolds

Nestled in the smallest county of England, this contemporary acrylic landscape painting captures the colour, character and atmosphere of this idyllic part of Rutland. With villages to rival those of the more famous Cotwolds, and built of the same stone, its no wonder Kerry draws inspiration from her surroundings and makes these beauty spots the centre of her work on canvas.

Cottemore is one such village.

With a beautiful church, village store and pub at its centre there is a real sense of community. This is represented by the way in which Kerry’s unique style lends itself to creating buildings with characters of their own. Buildings that snuggle up to one another. Quirky buildings that date back centuries that sit happily next to those of the last few decades.

None of these escape the attention of the artist. All play a pivotal role in capturing the village as its seen in the world today but with hints of yesteryear around every corner. Its what makes Kerry’s work so enjoyable to encounter.

Richness With Layers Details

All the layers of paint (and in some spots there are many) are carefully thought out and planned. In some areas on the canvas you can see the underlayers positioned to give the painting depth. A lime green might sit under the deepest inky blue and flashes of florescent pinks and oranges poke out from underneath rich burgundy reads. These textures all add to the richer overall tapestry of the image that is presented before you.

It’s the smallest of details that can often be the most pleasing. Such as the gold on the sign of the Sun Inn Pub. The pubs has been deliberately placed at the centre of the village scene because lets be honest, these establishments simply  are often the central beating heart of any village. So the gold; well it catches the eye doesn’t it?

The whimsical naïve style marries beautifully with the playful nature in the way the villages are presented by the artist. There is a joy in them which invites you in to take a closer look at these contemporary acrylic landscape paintings and each time you do you’ll be surprised to see something new.


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Dimensions 380 × 490 mm


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