Set 23 – Henry VIII’s 6 Wives Baubles


Set of 6 Hand Painted Ceramic Baubles – each 6cm in diameter




This fantastic set of baubles with their miniature portraits of Henry VIII’s wives, shows the other interests of the artist beyond her usual landscapes. As an outlet for her creativity Kerry sometimes uses the tiny canvas of the baubles to experiment with other ideas and this set of six clearly falls into this category. She loves her history!

She also loves the results she gets when adding miniscule detail to her miniature works. In the time honoured tradition of portraiture Kerry has captured the character of her subjects often viewed in much larger works.

Each one of the set takes a well known image of the Tudor queens and sets them within their own frame, surrounded by flowers in particular Tudor roses. Each Tudor rose has been set with little sparkles to make them even more eye-catching and to catch the lights of the festive season.

With touches of metallic paints added to the mix any fairy-lights or candle flames will be reflected back glinting onto the surrounding surfaces. They are completed with a sumptuous velvety black ribbon for hanging.

This set will look fantastic hanging from a the branches of a traditional tree but would look equally as good in a modern setting with their sparkles and metallics able to catch the shimmering tree lights.

With all their tiny details in particular the flowers there is also an historical nod to illuminated manuscripts. The floral motifs on these baubles echo those found the precious painted pages of highly valued manuscripts of the period.

These baubles are not only a great addition to any classic or traditional Christmas themed room but these little-in-stature artworks pack a huge punch in terms of impact. They won’t be found anywhere else, are not massed produced.

It is in fact their petite proportions which make them so special. Using the tradition of miniature painting which became popular in the Tudor period these perfect miniature portraits of Henry VIII’s wives would look fantastic on any tree but especially one in a traditional or historical setting.

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Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 180 × 240 × 100 mm


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