Acrylic on Canvas – Framed

720 x 920 mm (Frame Size 760 x 960 mm)




An Idyllic Fishing Town

If you’ve ever been asked to picture an image of a perfect seaside village its likely that you’d have imagined something similar to this. With this coastal harbour painting it may be surprising to note it is that is based on the real-life village of Mousehole. Pronounced MOWZEL by the locals.

Its said to get its name from the diminutive opening at the ends of the harbour walls. Crucially these walls throw their protective arms around the fishing village and provide a barrier between the inhabitants and its otherwise exposed position to the North Atlantic.

As shown here in this naïve style painting the harbour is almost symmetrical. Its importance has been highlighted with the curving walls taking centre stage in the painting. In addition to this there is evidence all over of the hustle and bustle of this quaint English coastal village. Its easy as you look at the painting to imagine walking along the harbour walls to get an ice-cream from one of the many boutique shops. Or even popping into the Ship Inn for a swift pint to quench your thirst.

A Sense of Place

As with all her artworks Kerry has excelled in capturing the essence of the place. No two buildings are the same and unlike in recent decades where large scale town developments have leant themselves to produce regimented straight-lined architecture, this painting clearly shows how over the centuries the buildings have risen cheek by jowl to nestle among their neighbours and into the meandering lanes down to the harbour front.

Her use of texture and colour is key to creating a painting which is inviting. Fine layers make you look then look again and each time you do you’ll notice some little quirk or detail that you previously missed.

It creates a jaunty atmosphere in her work. A style of carefree whimsy shows a deliberate disregard for the laws of physics as well as formality. Kerry’s work is unapologetic in bringing an image of joy and nostalgia to create paintings like this coastal harbour painting. Its one that is to be savoured and smiled upon.

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 760 × 960 × 20 mm


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