Under the Moon at Barbara’s Place


Acrylic on Canvas – Framed

345 x 450 mm (Frame 430 x 535 mm)




In Honour of The Artist

With this night-time coastal painting Kerry’s whimsical naïve style creates a wonderful homage to one of the best ‘hidden’ treasures that St Ives has to offer: Barbara Hepworth’s Sculpture Garden is waiting to be discovered. It invites the viewer to take a wander around in the silent stillness of the night.

The painting delivers its own captivating and enticing narrative in addition to its lyrical composition.

From is unimposing humble outer walls, its difficult to guess at the magic contained within. Yet here sits one of the artistic world’s greatest treasures. Nestled into the hillside streets of this typical British coastal town

You can draw a straight line from her sculpture ‘Single Form’ outside the United Nations building in New York to those sitting happily here. Yet the setting couldn’t be more of a contrast with this stunning Cornish Garden overlooking the Atlantic Ocean between them.

Mystery & Magic

Kerry has recreated the scene under a full moon to further enhance the idea of mystery and magic. The garden is bathed in moonlight. Its silvery light gleaming off the surfaces of the sculptures. the setting therefore, creates an atmosphere and sense of a secret Mid-Summer Night’s dreamscape.

The walls of the garden and house embrace the space within. Plants hug and nestle up to the star-feature sculptures. In the distance you can imagine peering off down to the see the sea, just beyond the church tower of St Ia (from which St Ives gets its name). All bathed in silvery moonlight.

As with all Kerry’s paintings this too makes full use of her techniques of layering and sgraffito as well as employing her bent perspective which gives a playful air to the overall image.

The painting is full of enticing tiny details which are set to make the viewer smile time and again. Under a sea of stars this night-time coastal painting perfectly encapsulates the artistic spirit and the magic cast over this idyllic seaside town.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 430 × 355 × 20 mm


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