St Ives Sunrise


Acrylic on Canvas – Framed

710 x 910 mm (Frame 800 x 990 mm)

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Visit to the Seaside

If you want a painting that screams ‘seaside holidays’ then this is it!

This Cornish Seaside painting is certainly one to be treasured and will continue to delight its viewers day in day out.

It’s said there’s a special magical light that artists can treasure. Both for its ability to work with and in. Its one which they are continually trying to capture on canvas. That’s certainly true of this landscape painting by British Naïve artist Kerry Shearer

Many of the key (or should that be ‘quay’?) buildings can be seen; Each one making its appearance in Kerry’s true Naïve style. Including therefore, those of the many of the art galleries and notable artist’s houses which are dotted around the town. Places such as the Tate ST IVES, Barbara Hepworth’s Museum and Sculpture Garden, the Leach Pottery. Importantly to Kerry is the humble cottage Alfred Wallis’. One of her art heroes Alfred too was a naïve painter AND a painter of coasts. To her mind a match made in heaven!

A humble fishing village packing an artistic punch…

Having started life as a humble fishing village, in St Ives,  no two buildings are the same. This perfectly lends itself to being captured on canvas in Kerry’s quirky style where reality makes way for whimsy. Her skewed perspective helps to create an atmosphere of organised chaos. Should you visit  its higgeldy piggeldy streets and lanes, its one you’ll instantly recognise. Each of the buildings gets its own individual treatment by the artist in the way the paint is applied. This helps, therefore,  to give a sense of personality to the place.

This playful painting crucially centres around the harbour and many of the buildings along the seafront are ones which, if visiting, you’re likely to have spent some time in yourself. Inns and pubs such as The Sloop the Lifeboat and the Pilchard Press feature alongside the Bakery, where its hard to resist the temptation of a traditional Cornish pasty or three. At the end of the harbour is of course Smeaton’s Pier and one of the two lighthouses, standing ready to guide the boats into shore.

St Ives is one of the best known, well-loved coastal destinations in the whole of the UK. This Cornish seaside painting by Naïve artist Kerry pays homage to this with her whimsical depiction of renowned places in this beautiful seaside town.

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