Hi! Tide


Acrylic on Canvas – UNframed

300 cm x 400 cm

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Deep Blues and Softs Pinks

Hi! Tide painted in a palette of blues and pinks is a naïve style painting of the wonder that is the British seaside. Kerry has taken all the key features of a harbour fishing town and styled them in her own unique way to create this endearing artwork.

Kerry’s aims to bring a an atmosphere of playful whimsy to her artwork. She is paying homage to and echoing her experience of the great British bucket and spade seaside holidays. Those awaydays she had as a child. Therefore, In her artwork she seeks to create a tangible link to what she felt as a child when visiting the coast. The beauty and magic of being near or on the water plays a central role in these harbourside paintings.

Each little boat each small building is created with the intention of breathing a sense of character onto the canvas. While she simultaneously negates the need to place actual figures amongst them. There is much thought and careful selection in the process that goes into creating each and every painting and Hi Tide! is no exception.

The Artist’s Very Own Style

Kerry’s unique style incorporates a range of techniques. In particular she includes her use of fine layers, sgraffito. She also uses and a wide array of teeny brushes that add detail and depth to the canvas. Her choice of colour also plays a key role as her background layers set the tone for the whole composition, while more dominant tones are used to demarcate the key features.

Overall Kerry has been ambiguous. She leaves it to the viewer to decide whether this artwork has been set at dawn or dusk. Note the colour of the sky? This plays a key role in inviting the viewer to look more closely. It means you can have your own unique dialogue with the painting itself. Albeit a pretty picture the painting does more than that as it allows us to imagine who might live and work in such a place and also allows us to see ourselves in such a space.

 This contemporary harbour painting by Kerry is one which celebrates everything endearing about the seaside and coast of the UK. Its there to be enjoyed.

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