Stair Rods


Acrylic on Canvas

300 x 300 mm

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Stair Rods is a coastal painting created by Kerry Shearer in the style and tradition of the British Naïve artists.

It’s characterful depiction of the dramatic UK coast will make a wonderful addition to any interior.

This dramatic scene ‘Stair Rods’ employs line, texture and colour to create a magnificent coastal painting. Showing a UK harbour facing the worst of storms.

Kerry’s markedly naïve artistic style shiows in this stormy naïve harbour painting. It’s full effect lending a dream-like quality to the work. Realistic accuracy  gives way to intensive instinctive mark-making.


Those living and working around the coast know only too well how the UK weather plays a major role in creating some of the most hypnotic and awe-inspiring landscapes. Her clever use of a limited colour palette –  a patriotic red white and blue –  entices the viewer’s eye. Your eye has an intiviation to roam across the canvas. To go in search of details hiding in the maelstrom of the storm.

Dominant colours are the tones hues of nautical blues. Muted browns and pink hues are added sparingly for a fuller effect. Whilst pin pricks and dashes of red add impact contrasting with the whites surrounding them.

Blurred edges on buildings and harbour walls seem to melt into the air around them. Heavy rain pounds this coastal landscape. All becomes lost in the rolling sea mist. Kicking up of spray on the waves and the slashed markings of the rain falling lend a sense of urgency to the scene. These boats need to reach the safety of the harbour – NOW!

Energetic application of paint in the sky and sea is surprisingly carefully considered in creating the atmosphere of a turbulent day. Mixing brushstrokes, daubing sponges and even applying paint to the canvas with fingers are effective methods of creating the stormy seascape before us. As is the scraping back into layers to reveal other hues underneath.

This stormy harbour naïve painting is full of the energy of the coast and one which will never tire in the eyes of the beholder. You can view the drama of the day from the safety and comfort of your own home with this spectacular scene hanging on your walls.

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