There’s Always a Catch


Acrylic on Canvas

300 x 400 mm

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Introducing ‘There’s Always A Catch’ by British Naïve artist Kerry Shearer.

This quaint village waiting patiently for the new day to arrive. This is beautiful breaking dawn coastal seascape

With this original coastal naïve art dawn has not quite reached the picturesque village yet. A clear narrative is created with its muted palette of colour. Kerry encapsulates that point where the cool night sky is slowly waking up to the warmth of a sunrise just over the horizon.

As the world wakes just one of the fishing fleet is making its way out of the harbour while the rest idle by the quayside waiting for the right moment to take on the tide.

This Naïve painting has layers of creamy greens and browns, soft blues and purple-greys. With broader brushstrokes there is a sense of calm to the water gently making its way towards the quayside.

As in many of her Naïve artworks Kerry has employs the technique of layering then scraping back to reveal colours underneath. Above all this texture gives depth to a painting, breathing life and creating interest in the painting.

Line Shape & Space

Overall what gives this acrylic painting cohesion is her use of line, shape and space. It’s a very considered approach. Some of her lines are razor sharp creating contrast to others with blurred edges. Variety in how the paint is applied to the canvas makes you realise there are painting techniques which are more complex than might at first be assumed.

There are finer details too. Each of the fishing villages cottages has its own unique character. In the same way no two boats are the same. Consequently  this conscious decision keeps the viewers eye moving around this original coastal naïve art. It creates a narrative about who might be living and working in such a place.

The scene laid before you is one of a gentle awakening to a new day with all the optimism and possibilities that can bring. What space wouldn’t benefit from this scene of serenity hanging on the wall?

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