Pink Sky in the Morning


Acrylic on Canvas
250 x 250mm

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This gorgeous unique pink seaside naïve painting is brought to you from the British artist Kerry Shearer.

Not all nautical scenes have to be blue. In layers of soft pinks and creamy browns Kerry creates a peaceful harbour scene. An acrylic painting that anyone visiting the UK would want to walk through. Showing the glow of an early morning sun as it rises above an idyllic UK coastline.

The boats in the harbour are enjoying a rest before they go out on their next catch. They wait patiently for the tide to come in and lift them out of the bay. Cottages meanwhile bathe in the light of a new dawn. Kerry’s whimsical style sees them nestling together. Alluding to a sense of waiting for the people who will soon be sharing their space.

Character & Whimsy

Each house and fishing boat has a been given a character of their own through the application of colour and texture. Several layering and scraping techniques are shown by the artist. No two are the same but in carefully selected colour palette they all seamlessly blend together. This enables the acrylic painting to have a cohesive finish.

Touches of the artists hands are applied to the sky. This gives the idea of the subtle movement of the clouds and ever-changing spectrum of the dawn. Broad brushstrokes  of the beach have highlights of pale yellow ochre. These are laid in glazes over the top of soft peaches and blush pinks.

Repeating colours throughout the painting provides rhythm.  This application of paint in the sky is done in a different way to that of the beach. However,  the colour spectrum remains the same. This creates a conversation between the two are the colours reflect each other.

This pink seaside naïve painting is one of serenity, peace and calm. It would create a warm welcome in any space in your home and provide you with a reason to smile.

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