The Turning Tide


Acrylic on Canvas – UNframed

300 cm x 400 cm

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A Moment in Time

When people talk of catching a moment in time they could be indeed referring to this coastal naïve landscape. A fleeting moment where the high tide is at that point of turning while catching the light of dawn on its surface.

Painted in a palette of subtle and bright pinks and rich turquoises the language of colour certainly has impact in the overall composition of this picture.

Inspired by her many visits to the coast both here in the UK and abroad Kerry has captured the iconic elements that make such a painting instantly recognisable for the  subject it is capturing whilst also adhering to the ‘rules’ employed by any true naïve artist. Those of a disregard for realistic perspective and proportion. This version of the seaside is based on a whimsical and playful representation of its subject matter.

Editing Matters

That said each brush stoke and layer of paint has been carefully considered and the painting skillfully constructed. As with any naïve work of art it is important for the artist to consider what to leave out as well as what to include. Simplistic representations of buildings and boats lend themselves to the work and appeal to the viewers ‘Inner Child’ something that the artist continually seeks to achieve.

Over her decades long experience Kerry has developed techniques that make her work instantly recognisable and this latest painting sits happily among her harbour collection and the body of work overall.

Though no pieces of Kerry’s work are the same their theme, application of paint and composition make her work a cohesive collection and in ‘The Turning Tide’ Kerry has added a wonderful coastal naïve landscape to her portfolio.

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