Acrylic on Canvas

800 x 1000 mm




Be right next to the beautiful British seaside. This is a stunning coastal contemporary naïve artwork by British artist Kerry Shearer.

Painted in her very own unique Naïve style this work is sure to transport you right to the heart of the beautiful British coast.

Playful, quirky and whimsical are apt descriptions for the UK Coastline at its best. In a view from across the bay the myriad of colour and sense of happiness shines through.

Kerry has taken the best elements of a typical UK seaside vista and made it her own. She uses texture and colour cleverly alongside her deliberate disregard for realistic perspective. Therefore the overall result is an image dripping with joy.

As turquoise waters gently lap at the edge of the busy quayside, the fishing boats leave and return with their catch. This gives the painting a sense of energy as do the small details in the fine spray of the water surrounding the harbour wall.

Characterful Elements

The quirky but recognisable coastal cottages have personalities all of their own. Each given its own distinct treatment in the layers for paint and sgraffito techniques that Kerry uses on the surface of the canvas.

The houses leaning this way and that seeming to jostle for the best space in which to catch the heat of the summer sun. Above all this helps to create a sense of narrative. It is a successful method Kerry often uses as it replaces the need to add figures into the picture.

The palm trees and lush planting in an array of sumptuous colour add a softness almost dream like quality to this seaside picture.

Nothing shouts high days and holidays quite like the image before you. With this sublime coastal contemporary naïve artwork you’re guaranteed a smile each and every time you and loved ones admire it.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 800 × 1000 × 20 mm


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