Out in all Weathers


Acrylic on Canvas
250 x 250mm

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A picture filled with energy and drama.

A spectacular painting ‘Out In All Weathers’ by British Contemporary Artist Kerry Shearer would look fabulous on any wall in your home.

Not all days on the UK coast are spent in blissful calm. ‘Out In All Weathers’ a naïve artwork of a stormy harbour captures days when the wind and rain can be mesmerising.

In this painting Kerry makes use of soft pinks against the deepest of inky blues.

Contrasts serve to highlight the drama of the UK coast at its wildest. Tones of these colours have been put to great effect in the sky with paint dabbed by fingers and sponges as well as brushes. The polarising light tints and dark shades serve to create the thunder clouds. They roll across the surface of the canvas.

On the Surface

Water swirls as the wind is kicking up spray in all directions. The paint has been application means you can envisage not only the energy of the tempest but also the artist at work. The paint on the surface is literally frothing and foaming before it has had time to dry. Flecks of pink draw the eye and continue the narrative between the sea and sky.

In the ensuing storm boats are making their precarious way into the safety of the harbour wall. It is wrapping an outstretched arm around the scene to offer protection from the ferocity of the weather. Its strong solid shape with layers and sgraffito provide a great focal point bringing the two areas of the painting together.

The lines of this Naïve artwork have been carefully considered. Strong deep mark making has been put to great effect. Heavy rain is pelting the scene in this naïve artwork of a stormy harbour. Slashing black lines are of the same thickness on the rigging of the boat. This deliberate chioce shows the weather matching their strength. There is push and pull between the two.

The theme in whole of the painting is the conversation between man and nature in all its captivating and hypnotic glory. As it hangs on your wall it will pull you back time and again to admire it.

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