Hope Harbour


Acrylic on Canvas
350 x 800mm

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Kerry Shearer brings you this joyful landscape painting ‘Hope Harbour’.

As a British coastal seaside naïve artist Kerry’s work adds a vibrant splash of colour to any room. It’s positivity brightens any dark corner or wall.

The idea for ‘Hope Harbour’ came to Kerry whilst in the midst of the lock-down. It is named for its dominant rainbow-shaped coastal harbour wall and the vibrant colour-filled world in which it sits. Kerry brings to life inspired memories of special, unique places dotted along the UK coastline. Places she has lived in and visited.

With her use of colour, texture and Naïve perspective she has creates a view that many would recognise. You can easily apply your own memories of days spent at the seaside to this nautical painting.

Key Naïve features:

There is a deliberate child-like quality to this artwork. Balanced against this Kerry also applies sophisticated techniques to the canvas.

A superficial simplicity gives way on closer inspection to the sgraffito and glazes. These have been applied in carefully co-ordinated spaces on the surface.

You can see with a few experienced brushstrokes Kerry gives the boats in the bay a sense of movement. The tonal water has a real sense of depth the further it is from the shore. The gentle soft tones of the sea and sky in this landscape painting allow them to be the backdrop for the more vibrant features in the artwork.

In light of this there is a clear partnership between the colour used on the boats and those on the houses. Linking the two together in this was helps to create a narrative in the painting. without the need to place figures into the picture

There is a sense of character through this method. It allows the viewer to use their imagination and decide what kind of people might live and work here.

As a coastal seaside naïve artist Kerry has ensured this panoramic canvas will make a welcome addition to any room in which it hangs and will be a great talking point for all who see it.

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