Old, New, Pink & Blue


Acrylic on Canvas
300 x 300mm

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A beautiful and note-worthy addition to her Harbour Collection

This coastal seascape painting by British Artist Kerry Shearer makes a delightful focal point, hanging in any interior space.

Using a carefully selected colour palette, this naïve art in pinks and blues conveys Kerry’s message of an ever-changing coastal landscape. One at the mercy of the UK weather. Using warmer tones and shades help to give the painting a relaxed feel. It maintains the notion that whatever the weather, this is still somewhere you’d want to visit.

The seemingly iridescent the sky hints at a change in the atmosphere. With a clever use of muted pink and grey tones it hits that sweet mid-way point between the two. A few clouds can be spotted helping to create a sky which has the potential to be a brooding one.

Reflections in the water

This is then mirrored and highlighted in the depiction of the water. Where the sky merely hints at an iridescence the sea actually shines when it catches the light through the use of interference paints. These add a metallic sheen to the surface of the canvas adding to the overall light within the artwork.

The sea is a crystal clear turquoise so much so, save for a slight breeze rippling the water’s surface, you can almost see the bottom of the fishing boats in the bay. For now all is well.

Sitting safely behind the harbour walls the fishing cottages have their own individual personalities. In her Naïve painting style Kerry has given each one their own character. By using her whimsical perspective to create this harbour town she has added a narrative to the painting for the viewer to enjoy. Some of these homes enjoy a traditional white render while for others they’re decorated with cobble and flint like those you might see around the British coastline.

This naïve art in pinks and blues simply invites you to share its narrative. It would be a beautiful talking point hanging on any interior wall.

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