Playing Catch


Acrylic on Canvas

300 x 300 mm

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This delightful seaside coastal artwork

Brought to you from the studio of British artist Kerry Shearer. A beautiful painting in her original Naïve style.

Gazing upon this coastal themed naïve art you get a sense of a blazing hot summer’s day. Kerry’s choice of colour palette eaily enforces this. Not only is it recognisable as typical seaside colours but contrasts of marine blues and orange-reds make the colours pop and ping. Just as they would do in full sun.

A pretty coastal harbour scene full of whitewashed buildings lends themselves to a typically British nautical theme. Boats in the bay mirror this with their patriotic reds, whites and blues. Sprightly brushstrokes create a sense of movement through the water.

How Paint is Applied:

The sea itself is given a depth and a character all its own. Paint is thickly applied and in array of marine blues and turquoises. Waves hit the harbour wall as flecks of white indicate sea-spray.  As can be seen the activity of industrious fishing boats churn up the water in their pursuit of a catch. All this lends an energy to the picture. In turn this compliments the vibrancy of the chosen colours.

Furthermore, acrylic paint is applied to the canvas then scraped back to reveal the colour underneath. This create details in the stone of the harbour wall and the cottages. Fine layers of tonal paint are added to features give more depth to this Naïve artwork.

Using and array of broad brushsrokes and fingers then applying even the tiniest of brushes to add fine detail there is more to this coastal themed naïve art painting than at first meets the eye. You are invited to look more closely and the more you do the more you will see.

This painting will hang quite merrily on any wall and will create a great focal point for any room. Its bright colours and cheery disposition are sure to bring a smile to anyone gazing upon it.

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