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A Beautiful Place of A Stunning Location

Set in the smallest county in England this naïve artwork painting of Oakham is truly evocative of this beautiful County Capital of Rutland.

With its delightful buildings and whimsical feel its easy to be drawn into the atmosphere of this painting. Firstly there’s a feeling of being invited into this space and to wander around.  You’d can imagine investigating the buildings depicted here. Each and every one is of course, a representation of those you would find should you visit this gorgeous town.

Secondly as always, Kerry has constructed her painting in layers which lend themselves to being manipulated with texture and definition. Therefore these in turn create ‘characters’ of the buildings in Oakham. Employing sgraffito techniques, allows the artist to shine a spotlight on to the characteristics of each property. The overall effect is a pleasing one that stirs the imagination. As the viewer we are kept busy, guessing as to who resides or works there. Ultimately it allows us further our dialogue, our conversation or relationship to the painting. It is the artists intention that we feel we could wander happily around the painting if only we could find a way in.

Knowing this also helps us to recognise the beauty and benefit of the colours that have been chosen to complete the image. It is a palette of warmth and light reflecting the welcome space you’d find in this part of the East Midlands.

Full of Happiness

The whimsical naïve nature of this artwork fits perfectly as part of the range of works completed by Kerry. It is her intention that it appeals to our Inner Child and as with all her artworks she wants to make this landscape art accessible to folks young, old and every age in between.

This naïve artwork painting is a delight to behold and is certain to bring a warm smile to the viewer and add a charm to whichever room in which it finds its forever home.

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