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Acrylic on Canvas – Framed

300 x 420mm (Frame Size 340 x 465 mm)

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Heart of the Country

Set in the heart of the English countryside this Naïve landscape painting evokes thoughts and memories of places we’d all like to spend time.  Its easy to imagine walking in amongst the buildings, soaking up the quintessential English village atmosphere and architecture whilst admiring small glimpses and views of the gardens.

With some surprisingly substantial houses for such a small place in the smallest county in England, Kerry has captured the true character of this pretty little Rutland village. The Old Hall, The Forge and of course the heart of any English village, The Pub; The Black Bull. All play a starring role in this acrylic landscape.

Weird and Wonderful Celebrated in Paint

In the way that many of these places were originally built with no perfectly straight lines, Kerry has mimicked the same approach with her canvas. Buildings lean and nestle up against one another, like old friends offering support. This in turn lends itself to giving the atmosphere of the painting as one of friendliness and conviviality; that as you would wish to find in a picture postcard village.

In her work Kerry always uses an array of techniques on the surface of the canvas to convey the buildings’ uniqueness and character. Her colour palette is also matched beautifully to the area which is depicted in her art. Subtle pale creams and blues are high-lighted in contrasting zingy almost fluorescent oranges and pinks. Paint is laid on the surface then scratched back into to reveal the colour underneath creating a livelier texture to her work than would otherwise be present there.

As with all her paintings Kerry has achieved that balance between showcasing a real place in all its quirky beauty whilst adding her whimsical style to create an image that invokes a smile. This Naïve landscape painting sits proudly among its counterparts as a wonderful addition to Kerry’s Town and Villages Collection

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