A Cornish Retreat


Coastal Cottage mini painting

Acrylic on paper

Image + Mount SIze 15 cm x 15 cm




With its colour and composition there can be little doubt that this depiction of a seaside painting is one from the British Coast. This Cornish inspired coastal painting is small in size but will have impact in a space large or small. Kerry enjoys shining a spotlight on smaller seemingly insignificant buildings that could otherwise be overlooked and discarded. In her miniatures she makes them the star of the show.

The colours of the painting are typical of those encountered by the artist on her many meanderings along this stretch of the South West Coast Path. The colours of the stonework reflect those of flint a commonly used material in this part of the world. Turquoise blues are used alongside the colours of nature surrounding the coastal waters in this part of the world.

The asymmetrical lines and windows of the tiny facades of the building also reflect how these often fishermans’ cottages were built to fit their surroundings and the elements of nature encountered on a daily basis as they lived and worked along the shore. White window frames serve to highlight the character of the building and its quirkiness.

Small portholes and tiny windows reflect the need to let in the light but keep out the worst that the Atlantic can often throw at these Coastal communities on the very edge of the British Coast. Kerry’s use of greys and browns also reflecting the often stormy windswept and ever-changeable nature of the coastal landscape.

Set into a square frame of 15cm/ 6 inch and with a mount in a soft white this little cottage will look equally placed on a window ledge or as part of a larger collection of pieces perhaps with a similar theme. This Cornish inspired Coastal painting is indeed, one to be treasured.


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