Burgundy Boats


Acrylic on paper

Image + Mount Size 15 cm x 15 cm

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Magically Miniscule

Burgundy boats is a fabulous coastal landscape miniature painting. Part of Kerry’s Miniature Collection, it has all the hallmarks of her particular Naïve style of painting. Fine layers and a carefully considered colour palette allow you to relate to this vision of the UK coast.

Kerry employs her use of whimsical perspective which gives the painting a friendly engaging quality. The curved harbour wall dissects the painting in two. It becomes an embracing arm which demarcates the point at which the land meets the sea. Is showing you the relationship between the two.

The painting is one of peace and calm as the fishing boats are heading into the harbour to land their catch. There is a sense of community portrayed through the little cottages. Its easy for you to witness, as they nestle and lean in to one another along the quayside.

A Warm Welcoming Palette Of Colour

Primarily the cosy colour palette makes the overall feeling of the picture an inviting one. Painted with soft blues and purples and set on a backdrop of deep creams. Lights and darks within the painting have been carefully considered. Outside of the three colours, the pops of white in the boats and cottages keep your eye moving over the image. There is also sea spray to create movement in the water.

Delicately painted fine lines of black, barely noticeable on first inspection but are key as they define the tiniest of details that would otherwise be lost. With the finest of bristles and by scraping back into the surface underneath Kerry has included stonework which adds texture and depth to the artwork.

With a painting on this scale, there’s no need to worry about whether there will be space enough for it to fit. At this size you’re guaranteed space on any wall. Set in a 6 inch/ 15cm square soft white mount. Importantly it will readily fit in your choice of high-street frame. Lastly, this dainty coastal landscape miniature painting will make a wonderful and unique gift.


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