Holiday Haven


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A Heavenly Retreat

Holiday Haven forms a small but integral part of the series of paintings of Port Isaac from Kerry Shearer. This monochrome coastal painting has emerged from larger works that the artist completed to reflect her experience of walking this stetch of the South West Coastal Path.

If you stroll down towards the harbours edge of this iconic Cornish village you will be able to spot the buildings that inspire her works including this one of ‘Holiday Haven’. As with other works such as ‘Moody Skies Over Port Isaac’ Kerry takes her cues from the buildings and how they nestle cheek by jowl along the edge of the coast.

The higgledy piggledy nature of the houses and homes that make up these pretty seaside coastal villages fascinates the artist. She has spent decades honing her painting skills to be able to represent these places in a way that evokes the ‘feel’ of a place as well as the place itself. The buildings depicted in them are more often than not based on those she has observed when visiting these places. Holiday Haven is no exception.

A House That’s A Home

To her these places are a time capsule of all the generations of people who have for centuries sought to carve out a living by the edge of the water.

Never static but everchanging – like the seas surrounding them. Each building like its occupants has its own character and interaction with the setting it finds itself in.

By isolating the buildings in these miniature pieces Kerry seeks to identify these different characters and focuses our attention on the individual ones which may lead us to look closer and question more. In this monochrome coastal mini painting Kerry has succeeded in doing just that! Set in a generous sized mount, this lovely artwork will fit beautifully into any 15cm/ 6inch aperture frame.


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