Pink Pebble Cottage


Miniature Coastal inspired artwork

Image +  Mounted Size 15 x 15 cm




Pink Pebble Cottage is a gorgeous little colourful seaside mini artwork by the Naïve Artist Kerry Shearer. Kerry has developed her own unique style of painting over decades. Her miniature artworks are where she celebrates the best of what she observes for her larger works. She shines a spotlight on key features of bigger paintings and showcase them in their very own pictures.


As with all her paintings Kerry uses her chosen palette to good effect in this mini seaside composition. By limiting not only what she paints but the colours she chooses and their tones and shades she can echo the buildings features beautifully.

There is a recurring theme of red, white and blue that appears often in Kerry’s works and coastal landscapes. Its perhaps a sub-conscious patriotism for a country which inspires her so much. She will never tire of it.  Pink Pebble cottage is one such piece. With muted shades of pale red (pink) and grey-blues this palette of colours has once again shows itself for all the world to see.

Techniques Texture and Contrasts

Texture plays its part even on this smallest of paintings. As does the used of blank space around the image. Here its being used to contrast and frame the subject in a way that gives the mini artwork impact. The walls of the cottage are a reminiscent Suffolk Pink Kerry. Kerry is referencing and has reflected her love of the coastal architectural vernacular in a playful way.

No two of her minis are the same, each one being finished with her usual tiny ladybird known as Virginia Boo.  This colourful seaside mini artwork is prettily mounted in a warm white and at a standard 15cm/ 6 inch square frame ready for its new home.


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