Prussian Blue


A miniature harbour painting in acrylic on paper

FRAMED 18.5cm x 18.5cm

Image size + Mount Size 15 cm x 15cm

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Little Snippets of the Prettiest Places

Kerry loves the places where the land meets the water. She wants to share this with you! This seaside miniature harbour painting was completed in response to her travels along the Cornish Coast. It is her fascination how the forces of nature and the elements are accepted and allowed to shape the world around the people who occupy spaces that are at their constant bidding.

For millennia folks have sought to stick to the coast and capture the benefits of what living by the larder of the sea can offer. Yet despite this, shorelines are in a constant state of flux. It is perhaps poignant that humans endeavour to make their permanent mark along its edges despite the unpredictability that such an environment can bring.

Shades of the Sea

Perhaps this is why the blues that you can observe in the surrounding harbours’ waters are then reflected onto the buildings. Kerry has then taken this palette of colour and used it effectively within this miniature work. Shades of Phthalo turquoise and Prussian Blue are employed to mirror the shades and colours observed by Kerry on her coastal travels. In fact shades and hues of blues is the only colour to be observed within the composition, apart from an almost unnoticeable grey brown which mostly serves to define the waters tamed within the harbour walls against those of the wider seas beyond them.

The painting gets its name both from a well known Cornish cove as well as from the acrylic colour used to paint it – lovely bit of symbiosis there!

White is also a key component of the picture and as such it benefits greatly from its white mount and frame. The image sits at a mere 7.5 cm/ 3 inch sq and is set within a 15cm/ 6inch mount.

All in all this seaside miniature harbour painting is one which happily reflects on life lived in and around the coast.


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