Coastal Cottage


Miniature Coastal House portrait

Acrylic on paper

Image + Mount Size 15 cm x 15 cm




Petite and Perfect

This seaside inspired mini painting by British Naïve artist Kerry Shearer is a beautiful perfectly formed house portrait. With its wonky whimsical roof-top and sea coloured tiles its coastal harbour origins can be easily spotted. Despite its tiny size with its off-white mount it also has the capacity to add impact to any coastal themed room or home. The accents of Burgundy red and pale blue against the white cottage walls typify the fact this is a coastal cottage

Each tiny home that Kerry paints is a version of a building she has spotted while strolling along the gorgeous UK coastline. Sometimes it is the simplest form of a view that lends itself to bringing the most impact. A small collection of these harbour cottages would indeed do that. Likewise a simplified single piece of art can do the same. Either is an option for these gorgeous depictions of coastal cottages. No two are the same.

Unique and Special

As small as it is Kerry has included just a perfect amount of detail to add credence to the fact that this is a real home and one where residents can be found living along the Beautiful British coast. Painted in a typical Naïve style that Kerry honours in her work, the painting invites the viewer to imagine who might live in a place like this; fisherman/ artisan/ holidaymaker? Who knows but this home will sit happily inside yours. A home that conjures up a short meander down winding lanes to  the shore line, where boats might bob along the harbour walls.

Set in a mount that measures 15cm /6 inch square it can be easily framed with an off the shelf of your choice. Once framed and hung this seaside inspired mini painting will be a cause for a smile every time you see it.


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