Blue Pebble Cottage


Coastal House Portrait in Miniature

Acrylic on paper

Image + Mount Size 15 cm x 15 cm

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Tiny Seaside Homes

Blue Pebble Cottage is one of series that Kerry has completed based on her inspiring walks along the British Coastline. As with all her paintings this seaside cottage miniature art is completed in her signature Naïve style.

Taking the idea of nautical blues and sandy yellows she has created an original piece that would look fabulous on its own or as part of a collection of her miniatures.

As with other similar miniatures such as ‘Teal Pebble Cottage’ or ‘The Doc’s Cottage’ Kerry has kept the palette simple deliberately choosing to leave the space around this little feature cottage white in order to further highlight that it is indeed the star of the show.

Small Details, Texture and Shading

Blue Pebble cottage has texture and shading just as do all of Kerry’s buildings that appear both in miniature and on her larger works. Furthermore, each one of these cottages is painted onto superior quality paper in acrylic, using the smallest of brushes which Kerry often modifies to make even smaller.

In keeping with tradition and a naïve style she has kept the details to a minimum while adding just enough value to make this a joyful work of art something which is important to the artist as it in keeping with her remit of making works that bring a smile and connect with our ‘Inner Child’.

Ready mounted in a soft white board this petite artwork measures 3inches / 5 cm. The mount is a standard size (6 inches /15 cm making it ways to place into an off-the-shelf frame should you so wish.

A pared down homage to those wonderful communities she has witnessed on her visits to the UK coast this seaside miniature art is no less impactful for its simplicity and scale.


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